Migration Nation
Red, Green, or Yellow Light for Immigration Reform?

The path for immigration reform has not only been a twisted one. It has had more stop and go lights than Fifth Avenue from lower Manhattan to Harlem.

Published on: February 18, 2014
Jim Kolbe is a former member of the United States Congress, having represented for 22 years a border district in Arizona. He currently serves as senior Transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and a senior advisor at McLarty Associates.
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  • Jefferson Paine

    Congress and the Executive are expending an exorbitant amount of time, energy and money representing the interests of 11M citizens of foreign nations living in our country illegally – while ignoring the interests of America and American citizens.

    While political leaders fiddle with “immigration reform”, Americans face ever-increasing socioeconomic burdens from politician-caused legislative disasters. There is a tsunami of negative socioeconomic impacts bearing down on us from Obamacare and the massive load of Energy, EPA and other regulations that will be hitting us soon – and politicians know it.

    The economy of middle and working class Americans is stagnant, volatile and shedding workers at record levels. The once prosperous American middle class is in historic decline while the government-welfare dependent class grows explosively. Confidence in the future of our nation is dangerously low and declining.

    However, note that the economy of the ruling political class and their wealthy cronies is booming – at historic levels. So what are the increasingly rich leaders of both parties spending their time on?

    They are crafting legislation that will flood the nation with cheap foreign workers so wealth crony businesses can pocket billions more every payday instead of paying it to real American citizens and legitimate immigrants. But that’s not the worst of it.

    “Immigration reform” will also give ruling class politicians vast amounts of power by manufacturing tens of millions of mostly govt-dependent, politician-controlled votes over just a few election cycles.

    Those votes are designed to nullify the votes of millions of conservative and moderate American citizens of both parties – enabling politicians to take – and keep – more power and more control.

    Bottom line, “immigration reform” will result in declining wages, even fewer jobs, and and will serve to accelerate the decline of the middle/working class – while giving the ruling political class unprecedented power and wealth.

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