Getting Away Scot-Free?
UK to Scotland: Stay…or Else
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  • brad lena

    While it is true an independent Scotland does not have a claim on the pound, neither the pound or GB are the only game in town in the 21st. Century

    • free_agent

      Quite true… It seems to me that the euro would be a reasonable choice for a new Scottish currency. Why is that so unpopular that the SNP can’t float that idea?

      Although in the long run, I think the crucial question is which way the transfer funding flows. Generally in a modern nation, the richer, more urbanized, and more powerful regions pay for the privilege of keeping control of the hinterlands.

      • Tom

        That’s a pretty good way to measure it, honestly. The hinterlands provide the cities with their basic necessities, the cities provide the hinterlands with modern technology.
        The hinterlands provide soldiers, the cities provide money.
        Which brings up the question of whether Scotland provides any of the above to the United Kingdom, besides Scapa Flow.

  • lord acton

    They will never take away……our freedom. Lol. Getting off the English teat would probably be the best thing for Scotland in the long term. But the withdrawal period would be unpleasant for many. And of course staying in the EU rather than taking the opportunity to become truly independent is a step in the wrong direction.

    • Andrew Allison

      The EU has made it very clear that if Scotland becomes independent, it will have to apply for EU membership like any other European country — a process which would take several years. The very last thing the EU wants to see is the precedent that a “province” (no disrespect to Scotland, hence the quotes) can declare independence and remain in the EU (c.f. Catalonia, etc.)

  • bigfire

    Nah, Socialism Now, Socialism Forever. We always have other people’s money.

    • f1b0nacc1

      You have put your finger on it. The Scots with any brains (and that doesn’t include the SNP) will vote this thing down, since if they became independent, the money tree that they shake to support their socialist paradise (tongue firmly in cheek) would disappear. As for the Brits, Labour would cease to exist as a viable political force in the UK without the Scots, so they will fight this tooth and nail…

  • rheddles

    I agree the EU will probably make it hard for Scotland to join for the reasons Andrew mentions, but I really question the use of economic coercion to keep Scotland in the UK if it wants out. What do the Scots contribute to England beyond a place to base their boomers? The UK will have millions of sullen, resentful, unproductive subjects to support. For what? To keep the Spanish happy?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I think if Scotland wants to be a separate country, it should have its own currency, it should accept an equal per-capita share of the UK’s government debt, and if it wants to be part of the EU it must comply with the laws governing the EU.

    • Honk

      But.. but… not fair! Mel Gibson told me the British are evil! They deserve it! /*sarcasm

  • free_agent

    I know it’s not relevant, but any time I hear of Scottish independence, I think of “Braveheart” … and also the “It’s shite being Scottish!” rant in “Trainspotting”.

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