ACA Agonistes
The ACA Gets Good Numbers, But Will They Help?
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  • Boritz

    More Americans are covered by insurance than they have been in a long time.-TAI

    Means little until you look at premiums, deductibles, network participant rosters, and wait times for treatment. In England there is ‘universal’ coverage but they can have theirs.

  • Andrew Allison

    “More Americans are covered by insurance than they have been in a long time.” is not supported by data. Let’s first separate Heath Insurance from Medicaid, which is welfare, not insurance. Now let’s subtract the people who had had their insurance cancelled thanks to ACA and re-insured. Now let’s subtract the people who signed up but haven’t paid a premium. The only statistics of importance are how many previously uninsured and not qualified for Medicaid individual signed up, and the cost to everybody else.

  • stan

    Given Obama’s track record for lying, who could possibly be stupid enough to believe his numbers? How many got to keep their doctors?

  • DiogenesDespairs

    Obama, Reid , Pelosi and all the under-the-radar Progs behind them: “This time we really won’t move the football. We promise, Charlie Brown.”

    And the author believes them?

    Good grief.

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