Blue Civil War
New Yorkers Reject de Blasio’s Pre-K Tax Hike
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  • qet

    It’s Quinnipiac. On a more important matter: what does this say about the use–the constant, relentless, unremitting, ineluctable, [your synomym here] use–of polls in the US? The act of citizenship that counts, the official and legitimate channel through which the citizens express their approval or disapproval of policies, is voting in elections. Not enough time has passed since de Blasio’s landslide election for the citizenry to have changed its collective mind to this degree. de Blasio was forthright in his campaign about soaking the rich for this and other liberal nostrums. It is a favorite pastime of wonks on both sides, but especially the left, to argue that polls are the true vox populi and sufficient in themselves to require politicians who are interested in “governance” to unhesitatingly accept and follow them. This poll result is a Popperian falsification of the hypothesis that polls accurately reflect the policy preferences of the citizenry. QED.

    • cas47

      DeBlasio’s “landslide victory” has an asterisk though. Only 25% of eligible voters in NYC voted. Why the majority stayed home I don’t understand.

      • TommyTwo

        True enough, but qui tacet consentire videtur. (For AA: You snooze, you lose. 🙂 ) With the obligatory exceptions, if you couldn’t be bothered to vote, I don’t care about your opinion. (And to continue qet’s point, I’m not much interested in the opinions of goldfish either.)

  • Andrew Allison

    Isn’t it time to stop calling the extremists in the Democratic Party’s “liberal wing”? There’s nothing liberal about them.

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