The Man Who Would Be King
U.S. Kisses an Indian Toad
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  • rheddles

    That we will have to work with the Indian PM does not mean that we have to mend our relationship with him as a man. He should remain a pariah unwelcome at the White House.

    • Rama Bangera

      what do you know about him, i am sorry. You are talking like all the “Paid” media have been doing in India since 2002. All the agencies controlled by ruling party (congress) tried million times to indict him in those cases, but could not succeed. If you followed only the media and propaganda, without knowing him in person its not good. However, he never wanted to come to White house, i suppose. Irrespective of that, relationship with USA will continue whoever will be the PM

  • Rama Bangera

    You have no Right to use the term “controversial Politician Modi”, if so you have to use the same term to everyone including Sonia G. etc. Riots occurred many times in India, along different states, those were unfortunate, but media never highlighted any of those except this one. Most of us know, all these were propaganda by Congress party since 2002, to indict modi considering his political threat to congress. He has tremendous leadership qualities and no one can deny that. However, its a very good move by USA. but please dont use the terms like all the paid Media in India have been using thanks

  • TommyTwo

    As an amazingly perceptive commenter said:

    So the US gets on its high horse and demonstrates its moral superiority by refusing to let an Indian politician step on its hallowed soil. Well, until he gets elected as PM. In which case the US will demonstrate its great forward-looking pragmatism which all would do well to emulate.

    “When he was scheduled to give a video conference at the University of Pennsylvania last year, a coalition of students and professors petitioned the university to cancel the speech, saying his speech would be ‘polarizing.'”

    “Polarizing?!” Heaven forfend!

  • Anthony

    “The State Department appears to consider a Prime Minister Modi a real possibility, and is finally moving to mend its relationship with him.” In our brief history, such shifts of state are not unusual.

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