A European Game of Thrones?
Hungary, Ukraine & Putin’s Invisible Curtain
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  • Artur

    Just you wait until Russia starts playing in the Americas… The game is on.

  • Tom

    Pardon me, but when was Hungary a member of the USSR?

  • TommyTwo

    But we don’t want to deal with such atavistic realpolitik, we want to deal with matters such as national health plans, climate change, and peace processes! Why is Putin being such a meanie? It isn’t fair!

  • qet

    The last time a curtain fell across Hungary, it fell without Hungary’s consent and Western leaders were in no position to do anything about it short of prolonging WW2. Today’s curtain seems to be the work of Hungarian sovereignty, and so what exactly does Via Meadia propose? Perhaps interlocking Russia with EU members in this manner will have the long-term effect of integrating Russia with the West. If the EU were better managed financially then perhaps they could have outbid Russia on the loan and aid packages, but they are too busy paying for exorbitant welfare and pension states and now there is a whole new layer of European government that will expect pretty hefty pensions. Nor is the US in any financial condition to out-bribe Russia. And I don’t think any economic power would want to assist Hungary to become independent of whatever that actor was selling it.

  • Dexter Trask

    Gads, I miss the days when Viktor Orbán was a feisty opposition MP. (Of course, I also miss the days when the only significance of the reactor at Paks was for Hungarians to make dreadful puns on it and Tapsi Hapsi [Bugs Bunny]…)

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