Making Medicine Personal
The Biggest Healthcare Story You’ll See This Week
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    This collaboration makes sense if you would credit Obama for innovating in health care as he has in, say, the energy sector. We are fortunate to have a president dedicated to bringing people together to solve problems.

  • Fat_Man

    Big government and big corporations enter into a partnership. It reminds me of an obsolete European Political theory.

    Does anybody remember what the name of the theory was?

    • Fat_Man

      Oh. Now, I remember. It was Fascism.

    • Andrew Allison

      What makes you think that Fascism is obsolete? Exhibit A: ACA. The left has managed to obfuscate the fact that, like National Socialism (a.k.a Nazi), Fascism was, and is, a Socialist ideology.

  • crocodilechuck

    Do any of Mead’s slave labour interns do ANY research prior to extruding garbage like this post?

    “and all of this was done without collaboration with the private sector”

    Ahem…..the Human Genome Project was completed by the National Institutes of Health and a private company headed up by Craig Venter called Celera:

    Further, this tortured passage makes no sense: “…after all, one would be forgiven for being skeptical about a closer partnership between the federal government and Big Pharma”

    Really? Who do you think pays for and in many cases actually performs the basic research which Pharma companies use in developing new drugs?

  • Boritz

    Before it’s over will they force out any CEOs like they did Rick Wagoner? Probably not. They are more likely to treat the pharms like Legos as they do the insurance companies.

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