Feeling the Sochi Spirit
Georgia and Russia Play Nice

Ever since the Georgian Dream coalition’s upset election victory over Mikhail Saakashvili’s UNM, Georgia-Russia relations have been on the mend. But don’t expect the good feelings to last long after the final Olympic delegation leaves Sochi.

Published on: February 7, 2014
Michael Cecire is a Black Sea-Eurasia regional analyst and an Associate Scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, where he contributes to the Project on Democratic Transitions. Follow him on Twitter at @mhikaric.
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  • moyisp ru


    Michael Cecire is russophob

    Americans know nothing about Russia. I advise the author to go for a start to Russia but only then to write articles

  • Кузнецов Виталий

    автор, поезжай в Цхинвали, и расскажи свой бред про “вторжение России в Грузию” местным жителям города, осетинам, – уж они-то вас очень внимательно выслушают, будьте уверены.

    Если вернешься, – расскажешь. Но скорее всего, тебе за твои слова там башку отрежут. По статье видно, она ему особо не нужна

    author, go to Tskhinvali, and tell your nonsense about “Russia’s invasion of Georgia,” the locals of the city, Ossetians – it’s they who have listened very carefully to be sure.

    If you come back – tell. But most likely you for your words cut off there head off. Article seen, she did not particularly need

    • Saba Arakhamia

      Ask same 300000 persecudet Georginas…

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