Broken Intel
America Keeps Too Many Secrets
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  • Corlyss

    I said that weeks ago. It has many implications, from the mindless, i.e., classifying data that is already in the public domain; to the obvious, i.e., too much data to protect and too few people to protect it; to the mundane, i.e., to guard that data, they require people who are not a threat to disclose it, which leads to a gazillion background checks, which have to rely for completion in turn on too few people, who are themselves inadequately vetted.

  • John Hasley

    Unfortunately it’s too easy to contribute to the problem. Just slap a “top secret” label on things and don’t take responsibility for making something open. It’s been an ongoing problem for a long time, “three can keep a secret if two are dead” – Poor Richard’s Almanac. More people need access to do routine jobs, which means that they have to pass security checks, which means that those checks have to be quicker so that all the people who need access to do their jobs can get that done. Now how do you convince someone to swim upstream and do the needed work?

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