From Rhetoric to Realism
US Needs to Get Real on Troubled Turkey

The U.S.-Turkish relationship has come to be defined by a rhetoric of mutual admiration that obscures the tensions created by Ankara’s increasingly sectarian and authoritarian domestic politics. For the United States, honesty about America’s differences with Turkey would be the better policy.

Published on: February 4, 2014
Morton Abramowitz and Eric Edelman are former U.S. Ambassadors to Turkey and co-chairs of the Bipartisan Policy Center's Turkey Initiative. Blaise Misztal is acting director of foreign policy at the BPC.
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  • Pete

    It’s all very nice boy, but the proper starting point for U.S.-Turkish relationships should be the expulsion of the Turks from NATO. Yes, such a proposition would make you foreign affair ‘experts’ wet your pants but the Turks should be gone.

    And by the way, Europe is lucky the Germans stalled and stalled Turkey’s admission into the EU. Oh brother, would that have ever been a mistake..

  • Jack Kalpakian

    All very nice and well, but absolutely nothing is going to happen. The US has coddled and indulged Turkey for 67 years, not allowing little things that the genocide of a people, the invasion of a neighbour, brutal domestic repression, the execution of its democratically elected prime minister, and countless coups get in the way of the relationship. It is far too late for this, and Messers Abramowitz and Edelman should know, they were primary participants in the cosy relationship between the US and Turkey. They should simply save their breath. Nothing will change with regard to Turkey, unless the US develops a whole new way of thinking about Russia.

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