Crisis in Ukraine Takes Yet Another Turn
Western Diplomats to Russia: "Fool Me Once…"
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  • Corlyss

    “Has the West just found its spine?”

    I wouldn’t bet on it. Nothing in the way they deal with the Arabs gives any encouragement. All Putin has to do is growl at them and that will be that. He can cut off their oil and gas. It’s a real pity that the EU puts such emphasis on “feel-good” changes to societies they want to bring in to the sphere. Often they miss the point in a flurry of do-goody demands that really just muddy the waters and scare off or delay nations that should be won over to the West. Of course, if Ukraine is looking at the bill it will be given for their share of the financial bail-outs, that’s another thing . . .

  • Andrew Allison

    This begs the question not just of why the EU wants to throw money at the Ukraine, but where the money would come from. Ukraine is bankrupt, on the verge of civil war and brings nothing but expense to the EU party.

    • Pete

      And of course, the elite want Uncle Sap on the hook for money, right?

      Sure, just print up more billions and throw it around. Wheeee.

    • Corlyss

      It would be a huge ideological triumph for the EU to tease Ukraine away from Russia’s orbit. At least it would have been back in the late 90s. I’m still in favor of making Russia as nervous as possible without actually forcing them to send in troops.

    • El Gringo

      You should ask the Poles and the Baltic states what their interest in Ukraine is.

      • Andrew Allison

        As a buffer between them and an increasingly decrepit, in every sense of the word, Russia? Despite its very considerable problems, the EU appears desperate to add members regardless of their economic and political stability. They did so before with Greece, and we know how that turned out. In 2007 they added Romania and Bulgaria (how’s that working out?), last year Croatia, and the current candidates include Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia — winners all (in the sense that they will be the recipients of vast sums of EU money). Shouldn’t the EU be more concerned with putting it’s house in order before inviting new and hungry tenants?

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