Is Keystone the Biggest Green Defeat Ever?
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  • Corlyss

    Obama will NEVER approve the pipeline and he’ll simply lie to justify his decision if he justifies it all. We have 3 more years of the Imperial President.

    • S.C. Schwarz

      Agreed, Obama will not approve this. There is an election coming and the greens are a core democratic interest group. The facts were obvious two years ago they were irrelevant then and they are irrelevant now. With Obama it’s all politics all the time.

      • Kavanna

        Exactly. I came here to write just this, but I see you guys beat me to it 🙂

        There have already been two previous reports on Keystone. There will probably be another, and another … all concluding what we already know, but what we also know is irrelevant to the decision.

  • Craig Austin

    Canada has oil sand development, not tar sand. There is a difference, and it is important.

  • Craig Austin

    If it is looked at closely, the oil sand extraction is the biggest environmental cleanup in history.

  • Seems premature to refer to a pipeline not yet authorized as a “defeat” for those against it. “Mission Accomplished”?

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