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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Free Speech?

There’s a natural desire to withdraw from the sheer quantity of online content floating around, but political thinking requires that we resist the desire to flee from opinions altogether.

Published on: February 1, 2014
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  • Anthony

    Is there such a thing as too much free speech? Two observations: 1) “These haters attack anything and everything, including each other” (verbal disputes fueling competing opinions); 2) “We must find in the melee of divergent and differing opinions the joy that exists in the experience of human plurality” (medium of language, language and thought).

    A wise man years ago told me that each of us is different and no one can ever know all the answers all the time; which I think feeds into essay’s general thrust. One problem with information overload and technological access (internet) is that it mitigates experience, understanding, wisdom (the ability to translate dead knowledge into living among “others”), etc. while facilitating both misuse and shield of distance (…packs upon packs…technologically equipped and shielded).

  • “War against women”

    That’s not hyperbolic?

    The term “homophobic” that labels anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda as mentally diseased?

    AIPAC’s effort to smear any critic of Jewish power or Zionism as an “anti-Semite”?

    Looks to me that the rabid and virulent ragers and haters are in the elite power structures and government.

  • ltlee1

    Truth could be found in the marketplace of ideas. However, market place truth usually belongs to those people with the most money.

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