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Chemical Weapons Fiasco Highlights Washington’s Lack of Options in Syria
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  • Anthony

    One sentence: see Adam Garfinkle part 2: Syria policy, up close and ugly (right).

  • Corlyss

    More like it highlights the fecklessness of this administration. No brains, no backbone, no guts, no heart, no sh*t.

  • Fred

    Par for the course for President Gelding.

  • Boritz

    He lied about…..He lied about….And he lied about…..Now he’s telling the truth……? -TAI

    Well, let’s treat this story the same way TAI treats Obamacare: Until the Republicans come up with better alternatives that cover all the bases let’s just keep going down this road swallowing the lies and accepting them as well intended mistakes that unfortunately missed the mark.

  • Rodrigo Castalan

    Please fix the headline. Shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “Highlight’s”

    • Peter Blair

      Thanks, fixed!

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