ACA Agonistes
Obamacare Counterpoint: I’ll Take the ACA, Warts and All
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  • RedWell

    Thanks for sharing. I was finally able to get on a good employer-provided plan not too long ago, but before that, adding my spouse and children to my plan would have cost an unsustainable percentage of my income. I’m not in love with the ACA and recognize that we need to be vigilant about it creeping outward; nevertheless, I welcome that it offers a far better state of affairs than the previous system, which from my vantage point was anything but an accessible and free market.

    • Andrew Allison

      You employer provided plan will likely get cancelled when the mandate kicks in. Meanwhile, I’m self-insuring rather than subsidize ACA enrollees health insurance payments!

      • RedWell

        I’m already subsidizing retirees, why not add people who genuinely can’t afford to access an insurance system made byzantine and expensive by government intervention the last 70 years? It’ll be a far smaller portion of my paycheck. In any case, good to know the mandate will collapse the insurance industry. I’m sure they’ll be utterly prone in the face of adversity.

  • TommyTwo

    “Knowing that the fundamental elements (premium, max out of pocket, copay, etc.) within each category of plan are very similar makes it much more practical to compare the fine print elements (network size, allowable prescriptions, etc).”

    In other words: I don’t have to occupy my pretty little head with all those choices [shudder]. Two or three categories are quite enough for me, thank you.

    “Was this the worst customer experience? That dubious distinction is held by a previous purchase of private market health insurance: Long forms with very personal health questions, interviews with underwriters asking even more personal and intrusive follow up questions, and all that just to get a quote! No thank you.”

    Can you believe it? I want a company to pay for my future healthcare costs, and they badger me with questions regarding my health!

    • Dan

      Exactly. And that doesn’t even address the problem that while the ACA might have lowered insurance costs in his particular case, it’s pushing up insurance costs substantially for the majority of people. Forgive me if I take little comfort from anecdotes such as this one.

  • rheddles

    Write back in 3 years and let us know what you think after renewal, JG.

  • ljgude

    Good for WRM for publishing this positive ACA experience. It just isn’t clear yet what the balance will be of positive versus negative consumer experiences will be. There is plenty to be concerned about. The stories of people’s premiums and/or deductible levels go up drastically. Or finding oneself locked out of the top quality providers available previously. These kind of stories where people get better value for money are part of the story too and the BALANCE of experience after some time has passed will determine the fate of the law. Knowing by direct experience the history of the Australia healthcare system from inception in the 70s to the system we have now it has taken refinements by both of our political parties to improve it. That process is just beginning in the US. Personally I think Obamacare is likely to collapse because it looks like it will cause massive dislocations chaotically to both consumers and institutions without bringing down costs. After 2016 we will know more and the process of refinement or starting from scratch will be determined by how well of poorly the act works and also who controls the White House and the Congress. If it goes badly we might get Ted Cruz and a Republican congress and start over. It is proves basically workable we could Get Hilary working hard with Congress to modify it. Either way nether party can ignore that they have a system that costs double what other developed countries pay for slightly worse health outcomes. And that is the elephant in the room. It is not a GOP elephant or a Democratic elephant but a down home raised in America elephant. Steven Brill’s Bitter Pill is still the best description of the elephant we have:

    Read it and weep.

  • Jim__L

    From the Simpsons episode, “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”. where Lisa introduces a most progressive doll onto the market…

    Lisa: “If we get through to that one little girl, it’ll all be worth it!”
    Cynical Old Businesswoman: “Yeah, particularly if that little girl happens to pay $46,000 for that doll.”

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