Smart Crops
Purple Tomatoes the Food of the Future
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  • TommyTwo

    “Genetic modifications are not only changing this new type of tomato’s hue, they’re make it healthier as well.”

    That’s good; I find it depressing to go to the grocery store and find a big pile of sick tomatoes. 🙂

    “Greens, of course, hate them like the devil incarnate and want to demonize everyone and everything associated with this branch of research.”

    Tsk, what exaggeration! They simply want to ensure that GMOs are safe and have no negative side effects. Perfectly safe, with absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Beyond any doubt. As proven by scientists who are entirely self-funded. Who are supposed to come up with such evidence without conducting any field trials.

    Keeping with the infernal theme, the phrase that comes to mind is: “When Hell freezes over.” (Which just might happen, thanks to Global Warming.)

    • Enemy Leopard

      While I personally prefer to draw a distinction between “healthy” and “healthful,” I don’t think this can be insisted upon. As described by

      “This word pair, healthful and healthy, has been causing debate for over a century. The question is whether these adjectives can both be used to mean conducive to good health. This is what gets some word mavens’ blood boiling. Healthy, they say, cannot be used to mean conducive to good health. But according to the Oxford English Dictionary, healthy has been a synonym for healthful since its earliest appearance in print… in 1552.”


  • Corlyss

    Well, don’t wait for the EU to give ’em their imprimatur. If the EU don’t like it, how will the Whole Foods twits ever believe them worthy to enter their bodies?

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