The Cost of Parenting
A Cesarean Section, Now for Only $71,000
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  • TommyTwo

    “Hospitals say these average charges are irrelevant because they have little or no bearing on what they actually get paid by the government, insurers or patients.”

    And listed tuition prices are also irrelevant, etc. What does sabotaging the pricing mechanism do to the economy? [/rhetorical]

    “Those concerned about declining family formation and fertility in America should focus on how to make marriage and childrearing less expensive for the young.”

    True, but while the young wait for the old fogies to fix up the house, they can help themselves by rejecting some of the ridiculous social conventions that have developed, such as, say, extravagant weddings. Youth are supposed to be rebellious, no? Have at it!

  • Jim__L

    Worse yet, hospitals pressure women to have c-sections — they routinely try to schedule them out of “convenience” — as if abdominal surgery were convenient, and as if trying to care for an infant while recovering from that surgery were doing mom a favor.

    I’m beginning to get the idea that VM has hit upon something important — hospitals are really a problem, perhaps the problem, in our health care system. Look at those edifices sometime. They’re the largest and most elaborate complexes of buildings in most towns. Much of the time, nothing else comes close. Colleges pale in comparison. Government buildings are outnumbered. Churches are dwarfed. Hotels are outdone, in terms of services and sumptuousness.

    We need to find a way to get hospitals under control, plain and simple.

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