Robbie Risner, R.I.P.
Published on: January 24, 2014
Charles G. Boyd (Gen. USAF-Ret.), POW, 22 April 1966 - 12 Feb. 1973
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  • mc

    Thanks for this.

  • qet

    Truly outstanding.

  • Corlyss

    Inspirational. Thank you for bringing him to our attention.

  • Anthony

    An American story: Ways of Life.

  • ljgude

    Thank you, General Boyd. It is good to hear Robbie Risner’s story from someone who was there. And how well he was able to help you and the others held for so long.

  • Bill Gryan

    Just read his book this past summer while traveling in Vietnam.

    He was a great man, a great American. Call me weird, but I felt humbled looking at his latrine bucket behind a glass display case in the Hanoi Hilton.

    If anyone who sees this comment gets a chance, read his book. If you ever feel like you’ve been through adversity, this book will remind you what a cakewalk life has been for you.

  • David_Chance

    I first met Robbie Risner in the summer of 1976. His brother, who passed away last year, was my pastor. His testimony was a great inspiration for a young boy.

    • THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU. Most especially Robbie Risner, Charles Boyd, and you David. Both the article and the comments are inspiring and humbling -I’m just damned grateful right now for the interwebz brotherhood! Without which, I wouldn’t know about the ones who lived to tell the tale. My graduating class of 1970 contained 210 young men. About 175 of them marched off to war, and less than half returned home. And Nat, I agree! This is exactly what we ALL really need to see, right now! May those who rise to the occasion be filled with a resolute calm and be recognized and respected by those who need them the most, – to lead and ignite our spirits, giving us the chance to prevail and find our way out- not just out, but back up and beyond, it is imperative that we get this information and validation out to as many people as possible. Semper Fi [for my Father] Libero de Opresso [for my husband] and Invictus. [from me]

  • Nat

    Beautiful writing. No matter one’s opinions of that war, individual stories of heroism in the near past should be remembered and serve as sources for emulation in our own day.

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