The Great Decoupling
The World Is Growing, Greener
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  • Rick Johnson

    For the Greens it isn’t about the environment, it’s all about an anti-industrial revolution.

    Becoming more energy efficient so we can produce more with. The same amount of energy is NOT a welcomed development for the Greens because it undermines the anti-industrial revolution.

  • Jim__L

    Hm. I’m not sure how they figure. The energy sector will decline as a percentage of the world economy? (Take what we spend on energy and divide it by Global Product; if Global product grows faster than Energy, that means the sector declines.)

    I don’t see how that happens if we switch to more expensive forms of energy. Period. Especially if information technology makes other sectors more efficient, and we continue to see job growth in Energy.

  • TommyTwo

    These environmentalists would rather see structural reforms, or some subversion of the capitalist paradigm that encourages unceasing growth. For them, sustainable development is a false promise, a distraction from the kind of ascetic retrenchment our planet so desperately needs.

    Why waste or mince words? Some “environmentalists” are not pro-environment but rather anti-human.

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