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Professor Calls on Americans with "Jewish-Sounding" Names to Write the Senate
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  • Andrew Allison

    Oh, come now! How is this different from any other exhortation to attempt to influence to Congress for one cause or another. Envirocentricity and Ethnocentricity spring to mind.

  • amoose1959

    the belief that Jews are more important to world events than they really are,
    is an equal opportunity malady…”
    “The truth is that Jews don’t actually run the United States”
    I think your second statement is subconsciously Jewcentric.

    What does that second statement mean anyway? What does “run”, mean? You know the truth ?- what facts back up that statement.

    Here are some facts:

    -Disproportionate number of Jews graduated from elite schools.

    – Disproportionate number of Jews on the Supreme Court.

    – Disproportionate number of Jews in professorships and higher education.

    – Disproportionate number of Jews in medicine

    – Disproportionate number of Jews in law and finance

    – Disproportionate number of Jews in mass media and politics

    -Disproportionate number of Jews in higher income bracket

    – Ashkenazi Jews on average have a higher IQ than any other group

    What do these facts this mean -they should be proud of their earned accomplishments.

    What does these facts translate to – run things is indeed an overstatement but to say that they have not had an influence on American culture the last 50 years is
    being disingenuous.

    • Andrew Allison

      But let us not forget that, at least several of you disproportionate representations are shared by other minorities. I’d like to see some evidence of Ask-e-nazi — sorry, but it was simply irresistible — IQ superiority.

      • Kavanna

        The evidence that Ashkenazi Jews have higher-than-average IQ is overwhelming and long-standing. See here, for example: And a journalistic treatment, which is … well, journalistic … but gets the essentials correct is:

        The only debate is not “whether,” but “why” and “how.” Sephardi and Oriental Jews also have higher-than-average IQs, just not as pronounced. Denial of these facts is PC masquerading. No doubt, it’s a mix of genetics and culture, as IQ is generally.

        The evidence for higher-than-average Asian IQs (at least northeastern Asians) is also overwhelming.

        P.S. Here’s the famous Cochran-Hardy-Harpending paper, which takes the facts of Ashkenazi IQ as a given and conjectures about causes and connections to genetic disorders:

        • Andrew Allison

          Thank you very much for the highly informative links.
          Could it be that envy of the success of Jews in every walk of life is the source of antisemitism (a rather peculiar noun given that both Abrahamic races are Semitic)?
          Are there any studies of the IQ of (educated) Islamic Semites?

          • Tom

            There’s a possibility that antisemitism could be the reason that Jews these days are so successful, seeing as they were forced into jobs that no one in Christian Europe wanted, such as banker. Also, Jews have historically had to be clever in order to just survive day to day at various points throughout history.

          • Andrew Allison

            Doesn’t make sense to me. IMNHO, antisemitism arises from envy.

          • Tom

            Well, thing is, it seems like antisemitism has been a thing even when Jews weren’t very successful


            Now, modern anti-semites might be that way, but there’s probably more to its roots than envy.

          • Andrew Allison

            Interesting link, thank you. However, aside from the patent absurdity that Arabs are not Semetic, it says nothing about WHY the Jews were despised in antiquity. What puzzles me is why Jews and not Arabs, or Copts, etc. I’d love to know more.

          • amoose1959

            Enough of you two alta cockers kvetching about your favorite phony strawman. The question is do American Jews have an influence on American culture. From the compelling statistics i think they have for a number of years. What say ye professor?

          • Kavanna

            “Semitic” primarily refers to languages, not ethnicity. Arabic, Aramaic, Amharic, and Hebrew are the remaining Semitic languages today. Many more were spoken in ancient times.

            By ethnicity, there’s only one group of “true” Arabs, the Beduin of the Arabian peninsula. When we speak of “Arabic” elsewhere, the spread of the language, religion, and culture to non-Arabs is what we’re talking about.

          • Kavanna

            Jews weren’t particularly despised in antiquity. They were targets of some level of xenophobia in Greco-Roman times, because they stuck out as non-pagans. Some pagans considered them “a-theoi” = “without gods.” Many didn’t get it. OTOH, many did: conversion to Judaism was a major trend around the turn of the Christian era.

            The “despised” part came about later, because of Christian, and to a lesser extent, Islamic triumphalism.

          • Kavanna

            With the “envy” theory, you’re in good company. Important gentile thinkers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, like Mark Twain and Nietzsche, analyzed antisemitism in just that light.

          • Kavanna

            That’s the contention of certain geneticists who look at the evolution of the Ashkenazi Jewish population over its 1000+-year history; it’s in one of the links above. For the most part, Ashkenazi Jews faced, not certain death or violent persecution, but everyday discrimination that kept them out of many economic niches and forced them into others. There’s a good case to be made that certain marriage, hygienic, and educational practices enhanced survival and numbers under these conditions, concentrating larger families among the merchant and rabbinic classes: sexual and natural selection in action.

            Many people try to reject these theories, for no good reason. They make perfect sense. Quite a number of 19th-century commentators had no problem pointing this out.

            BTW, the Sephardi and Oriental Jews of the Muslim world, while they had many of the same positive practices as their Ashkenazi cousins, did not face special discrimination in the same way. In the Muslim world, it was Christians who were targets far more often, because they seemed like representatives of alien and hostile powers. And it was certain Christians, like the Armenians and Greeks, who played the roles that Jews did in Europe.

            In modern times, of course, this doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the Middle East has been in long-term decline for many centuries. And all non-Arabs/non-Muslims have been targets of populist, xenophobic forms of secular nationalism and Islamic radicalism alike.

  • TommyTwo

    “What’s that? You want me to oppose further sanctions on Iran? That’s funny, you don’t sound Jewish.”

    • Andrew Allison

      Tom, I think his point, which whoever was responsible the post failed to elucidate, is that we should wait (for a while) and see whether the Iranians are serious (which I personally doubt) about stopping their quest before moving the goalposts.

      • TommyTwo

        My point was purely humorous.

        Your point is sober. (I mean that positively.)

        His point is that this bill is a “lunatic piece of warmongering legislation” pushed by “the AIPAC goon squad.” (A disappointing attitude from someone so cognizant of the complexities of other contentious issues.)

        • Andrew Allison

          Sorry that the sarcasm escaped me.

          Given the attidude and grammar, I suspect (hope!) that it was an intern. Best, A

          • TommyTwo

            Nah, not even sarcasm, just riffing off of the old punchline. E.g.:

            A young man is on the train from New York to Chicago. A few minutes after they pull out of Penn Station, an old lady sitting a few rows behind him waddles up and asks “Are you Jewish?”
            “No,” the young man replies, “I’m not.”
            “Oh,” says the lady, and waddles back to her seat. About half an hour later, she waddles back over. “Are you sure you’re not Jewish?”
            “Yes, madam. Quite sure. I’m not Jewish.”
            “Oh.” And again, she goes back to her seat. About fifteen minutes later, she comes back. “Are you sure you’re not Jewish?”
            “All right madam! If it will get you to stop pestering me, yes! Yes, I’m Jewish! Are you satisfied?”
            “Funny. You don’t look Jewish.”

            When looking up that joke, I came across the following suggestion regarding the origin of the phrase:

            Maybe The Beatles started it.
            In Yellow Submarine (the movie), the Chief Blue Meanie asks the Beatles: “Are you Bluish? You don’t look Bluish.”

            To which the laugh-out-loud funny response was: “The Beatles didn’t start anything, they must have stolen that joke from Chuck Berry.”

            Alright, the comedy’s over, back to the usual anarchy, division, and dissatisfaction.

          • Kavanna

            Yep, the Stalinist language comes straight from the cultish JStreet’s letter to liberal American Jews to oppose the sanctions bill — which would only restore the status quo ante. It’s far from warmongering — quite the contrary: it’s our main hope in stopping Iran without a war.

            The JStreet cultists, and people like them, have this deluded theory, that alienated and unaffiliated American Jews are alienated because of Israel’s allegedly oppressive nature. Only a total change in mainstream American Jewish culture, toward bullying and arm-twisting Israel into accepting the delusional theories of Soros or the BDS movement, will change this, alleges the theory. In fact, it’s completely wrong. The more informed American Jews are, the more engaged they are in supporting Israel and opposing Iran — simple as that. JStreet can only reach its potential audience by making sure that audience remains uninformed or misinformed. (Remind you of “low-information voters?”) It helps when that audience is already inclined to buying into the whole leftist racket. We live in a world where the rubes and boobs, ready and willing to be taken for a ride, walk the halls of academia.

            The routine language from JStreet about the notorious neocons at AIPAC gives it away — AIPAC is mostly made up of centrist-to-liberal American Jews, not “neocons.” The danger of Iran, its ambitions and nuclear program, its position as the top supporter of terrorism, has long been a bipartisan staple. The only problem with the “consensus” view is that it’s had no urgency. The neocons (or many of them, anyway) got lost down the deadend of Iraq, something Israelis have never understood and no longer care about.

            JStreet has long had the ambition to displace the mainstream Jewish organizations, and early on it hitched itself to a larger the larger cult of Obama. Its barrage of lies about AIPAC and such is part of that ambition. The fact that what’s happened in the Middle East in the last 3-4 years demonstrates even more completely than before just how wrong and irrelevant JStreet is apparently has no effect on its thinking.

            That’s a cult.

  • jj72

    Isn’t this racism? Does Obama support this racist request? And don’t they already have Speilberg and the Weinstein brothers–so how many Jewish sounding names do they need. By the way I have a Jewish sounding name and support the Iran sanctions as I believe Iran intends to start WWWIII when it gets nukes and Obama is abetting this effort.

    • Kavanna

      Bless you 😉

  • Kavanna

    This guy is another Obama-besotted leftish academic — probably a supporter of the front group/cult, JStreet — who’s desperately trying to lead American Jews further down the deadend of Obama worship. Support for Obama has already been a disaster for American Jews — although it’s been a disaster for everyone in the US, apart from DC’s army of public and quasi-public parasites.

    Such people, their politics, and their ideas are a disgrace. Fortunately, American Jews have generally rejected them. However, having been deluded into supporting Obama, the mainstream liberal Jewish organizations, like AJC, AIPAC, and the ADL, are paralyzed now that Obama has thrown them under the bus on Iran. Congress is the only avenue left for checking a reckless, incompetent, and narcissistic administration. If only they would challenge the administration on a much wider range of its foreign policy failures, from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Asia. Many American Jews remain — informed and engaged — to organize the current to end Obama’s sellout of allies and friends (and I don’t just mean Israel). Too bad others aren’t so well informed or organized.

    The final irony is that Israel is doing very well, thank you, and increasingly confident in having the upper hand in its relationship with both the Obama administration and with American Jews. Obama’s ME policies have been a string of disastrous failures and have placed him and his people in a very weak position vis-a-vis all actors in the ME. American Jewry’s demographic flux and increasingly tenuous connection to Israel, Judaism, and their own past means that Israel will be increasingly the senior partner in that relationship. The era when liberal American Jews could lecture and arm-twist Israelis about policy is gone.

    That’s the real meaning of JStreet — a deluded, narcissistic, and obsolete Diaspora attempt to push Israelis into the left’s poisonous mix of unearned guilt and self-hatred. Israelis firmly rejected even the moderate left’s policies; JStreet and that ilk will get nowhere in Israel. But deluded narcissists can’t help themselves in doubling-down on their own failures and wrong ideas — this is part of the larger, toxic leadership failure of America’s Baby Boomers — their self-absorption and inability cope with facts.

    I believe Adam Garfinkle has blogged and written eloquently about the latter trends and historic reversals, although I think even he has not fully grasped their importance. I don’t mean that as an insult; it’s just a lot of sea-change in a short time. Being too close to the center of action (Washington) keeps one from seeing the full picture.

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    The fact that this story comes to us from a publication called the Free Bacon only makes it more offensive. Wait…what? Never mind.

    • free_agent

      You write, “a publication called the Free Bacon”.

      I made exactly the same mistake before the weird irony of the name made me stop and check that I had read it right…

    • Kavanna

      Free Beacon, people.

  • Ooga Booga

    Legalized weed >>> Iranian nukes

  • free_agent

    You write, “Jews don’t actually run the United States”.

    That’s true… I read on the Internet that the Jews were just the front-men for the *Mongols*, who actually were the ones calling all the shots. I discovered this fact while doing Internet research to determine if Alan Greenspan is Jewish.

    However, I did summarize the situation as: “Sometimes the truth is stranger than the ravings of the paranoid. If I told you that the single greatest influence on the world economy was an elderly Jewish scholar, you’d say I was crazy. But if I proposed taking control of monetary policy from Alan Greenspan and giving it to Congress, you wouldn’t vote for me.”

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