A Green Dream
UK Town Deploys Electric Buses
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  • Darren Watson

    Since when has Milton Keynes been part of London

  • Andrew Allison

    “generating electricity at a power plant is a far more efficient process than propelling a car with an internal combustion engine” is arrant nonsense.
    In fact, the internal combustion engine is more efficient than steam generation (http://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_08_02.html). Furthermore, the transmission losses associated with delivering the electricity, it’s conversion to wireless energy, the reconversion to electricity and the conversion of that into kinetic energy make the comparison even worse. The inescapable fact is that electric vehicles are far, far worse for the environment than internal combustion.

    • Evan Seitchik

      Something tells me I’m about to hear that you’re not the type to put much stock in numbers produced by small minded federal bureaucrats, but according to the EPA this is a misconception.

      In terms of “wall to wheel” vs. “tank to wheel” efficiency EVs have the clear edge. The EPA estimates that a gallon of gas is equivalent to 33kWh of electricity, which gives the Chevy Volt 93mpg equivalent for example.

      It’s true that there are “upstream” costs to electric generation like transmission and conversion, but I think it’s a stretch to suggest that these are comparable to pulling crude out of the ground, transporting it, refining it, and transporting it again.

      • Andrew Allison

        Would that I could believe that the EPA collectively has a mind. The oil, or worse yet coal, used to produced electricity has the same extraction cost regardless of use. The distribution cost of petroleum for ICEs is irrelevant in a discussion of greenhouse gas emission.

        The Laws of Thermodynamics are quite clear that each conversion results in a loss. Oil-to-steam-to mechanical-to-electricity, less transmission losses, then AC-to-DC-to-chemical-to-DC-to mechanical versus oil-to-mechanical is no contest.

  • Fat_Man

    Like electric cars, electric buses are not new technology. They displaced in most areas by diesel because the latter is more flexible.

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