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A Tyrant's Best Friend
Architect of Destruction

Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural vision needed the support of authoritarian governments.

Published on: January 9, 2014
Demétrio Magnoli is a sociologist, columnist at the Brazilin newspapers Folha de S. Paulo and O Globo, and commentator on international politics on the Globo News television network.
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  • qet

    James C. Scott discusses all this at length in his book Seeing Like a State.

  • Jim__L

    Typical urbanist.

    Give them a copy of Google Sketchup and let them wander about whatever virtual world they please — just keep them out of power in this one.

  • orestes

    It would be interesting to know how much money squandered Mr. Niemayer constructing Brasilia. There was surely an inmensely poor population in those days , no much infractrusture and backward factories , hospitals and schools.
    All that money could have been put to better use.
    And now in 2014, Brazilians are on the same ball game : Constructing dozen of football stadium for the world 2014 championship and later the Olympic games.
    There is a difference this time. There have been massive disruption on the streets from ordinary people requesting decents hospitals instead of glorious building.
    Brazilian Preesident aims at becoming a big power, and she believes tha Brazilian motto ” o mais gande do mundo” but her calcuations are wrong. And most probably they will squander again the new petroleum boom.
    Not a promising future, but populist presidents , giving away money to the poor , get always re elected.
    Something is wrong with democracy.

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