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A Ray of Light in Syria?
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The “Divide and Conquer” strategy doesn’t work like that. To be the most efficient you never help either side, only hurt the ascendant side. At the moment I don’t think either side is sufficiently ascendant that any action should be taken. Saudi Arabia just gave $3 Billion to the Lebanese Army, and that will put pressure on Syria’s ally Hezbollah. In Iraq the Sunnis and Al-Qaeda have taken Fallujah, and the Shiites holding Iraq will be fighting to take it back (I don’t expect them to take it back quickly). And the rebels wouldn’t be fighting each other in Syria if they were being overrun by Syrian forces. To get involved in this Quagmire as Via Meadia suggests, without any reasonable objective other than to help supposedly Democratic forces, is foolish.

    We should be satisfied by the recognition by the Islamic Cultures that only Purple Fingers can confer legitimacy on a government, and be patient as this change works its way through the Muslim world. As we know Islamic Culture is exceptionally backward and resistant to improvement, so much so that even the small change engendered by the Iraq war’s purple fingers is to be celebrated as a victory. Eventually as happened in South America and Eastern Europe, there will be so much support for Democracy in Muslim cultures that the Authoritarian Governments will fall like dominoes.

    • rheddles


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