Reefer Madness
Legalization Won’t End Pot Sanctions
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  • Michael Ferrin

    Grammar check:
    In “…the right to penalize Americans who’s use of pot reduces…”
    it should be “whose” not “who’s”.
    (But who’s bothered? ;D)

  • qet

    I would think that fired employees who use for medical reasons could sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act and argue that employer tolerance of pot smoking is a reasonable accommodation to the employee’s disability. And it would not be difficult to corral all manner of things into the “disability” pen. Heck, that is already going on.

  • rheddles

    companies and other institutions are going
    to want to step in where the government has stepped out, reserving the
    right to penalize Americans whose use of pot reduces their productivity
    or their reliability.

    Nonsense. There is plenty of corporate drug testing occurring today. And companies will not step in where the government has stepped out. Companies are not going to break into people’s houses with battering rams and shoot their pets. Nor will they accept bribes to turn the other way. But they will assure the public safety and corporate profitability by testing employees voluntarily for drugs as a condition of employment. If people don’t want to work at a company, the company won’t “penalize” the person. The same thing is happening with smoking and will soon start happening with weight. And voluntary exchange is a good way to regulate behavior, far better than a police state that has a monopoly on violence.

    • TommyTwo

      Precisely. Legalizers don’t necessarily want to create a pot-smoking heaven, they want to get rid of criminalization, which they argue has been heavy-handed, counterproductive and on balance destructive.

    • Eric J.

      I would guess the vast majority of companies that drug test today, especially any kind of random, post-employment screening, are government contractors who believe that having a more robust testing regimen will be a point in their favor during the selection process.

      Random testing by definition means that the drug users you’re catching are the ones whose performance hasn’t suffered enough to be noticeable. It also incentivises cocaine, amphetamine or opiate use over marijuana use, as they are undetectable for occasional users 2-3 days after last use, as opposed to 10-30 days for pot smoking.

  • free_agent

    Consider what has happened with smoking tobacco…

  • Crakalakin

    This is satire, right?

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