ACA Fail Fractal
Two Million Get Obamacare, But At What Cost?
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  • Anthony

    An ACA on running critique may be interpreted as cacophony of conformism; more importantly, Obamacare focus may overlook a potential frenzy of hospital mergers detrimental to typical American family spending on health care over long term. See inflation adjusted change in Medicare and Commercial health insurance claims costs… –

  • Gerald Marsh

    Enrollment is NOT the issue. The PLAN is a fraud.

    Bernie Madoff misrepresented his “plan” to his clients and was
    arrested for Fraud, convicted and is in prison.

    Obama misrepresented the “ACA plan” to his clients (US
    taxpayers) and not only is still “free” but continues to try to
    sell his plan.

    Democrats in Congress conspired with Obama on this Fraud. Some
    were duped, but all were negligent in performing their duties to
    represent “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    Anywhere but in Washington DC this would be called FRAUD and
    prosecuted – promising benefits that Obama KNOWS are not true and
    cannot possibly be done.

    “You can keep your current plan”

    “ If you like your doctor, you can keep him”

    “It will be AFFORDABLE high quality health care”

    “This health care package will pay for itself”

    “ The health care bill will not raise the deficit by one dime”

    “ We should not mandate the purchase of health care”

    “ This law will save the average family $2,500 a year”

    “ Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund

    “ ObamaCare fee is not a new tax”

    “ Obamacare will cost less than your monthly cell phone bill”

    “You will have choice in your plan” (The only choice is how
    much you will pay, both in premiums and in deductibles/co-payments).

    The government has no “magic wand” that will reduce health
    care costs.

    You lose your freedom of choice.

    Is it “fair” that the young/healthy should pay for the

    It is “fair” that you have no choice of what benefits your
    plan covers?

    Is if “fair” that taxpayers should foot the bill for the plans

    Should the Obummer-in-chief have the ability to change the details
    of the law at will, which he has been doing?

    Vote out all congress persons who voted for Obama’s “plan”.

    Impeach Obama for his fraud.

    REPEAL Obamacare NOW!!.

  • Boritz

    If you like your new doctor, who cares. if you don’t, like your new doctor, try herbal medicine, who cares.

  • gvanderleun

    Why so eager to accept that 2 million claim as “the truth, the current truth, and nothing but the received truth?”

  • xbox361

    My office is not seeing the Obamacare BlueCross product. It is lousy.
    Good luck to our former patients, we wish we had a better president who wasn’t bent on destroying American healthcare.

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