Unintended Ironies
Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is ASA

The vote by the 5,000-member American Studies Association to support the academic boycott of Israel, reportedly by a 2-1 margin, has evoked many responses, but none so far has identified the irony at the core of the matter.

Published on: December 20, 2013
Alan Luxenberg is President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia.
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  • Corlyss

    From Batchelor’s site last night:

    “Thursday 19 December 2013 / Hour 2, Block C: Professor William Jacobson, Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell; in re: American Studies Association votes to boycott Israel. Lawfare. ASA is a comparatively small organization, not a major player, but its vote is significant. Boycott/divest/sanctions movement is stronger in Europe than in the US. First academic boycott in the US was last spring: Assn fore Asian-American Studies? passed a resolution. ASA prepared for four years, bypassed all mechanisms, packed the annual meeting, got 800 people out of 4,000, did an online vote in which most of the membership didn’t bother voting. Next: MLA, filled with anti-Israeli zealots. ASA has 80 institutional members of which Penn State/Harrisburg and one other have withdrawn from ASA. “We’ll boycott any Israeli academic institution, but no individual.” Israeli academics have to pass a test: you can appear only in your individual capacity, not to represent your institution. Iranians and Chinese don’t have to pass any such test. Reminiscent of a practice 70 years ago called “the Big Lie.” I’m working with an attorney to challenge the 501(c)(3) status of the ASA: when they switched from educational to coercive boycott. Also, a charitable organization has decided to discriminate on the basis of national origin, which is illegal. Larry Summers pointed out that these organizations survive based on conferences. If universities ceased paying for attendance at conferences, the group would be broke. At Michigan, students given notice they were being ejected from a dorm based on Palestinian events? The BDS doesn’t care if they get a weak resolution or who supports it; they’re bldg a wall around Israel one brick at a time. This is relevant not just to Israelis but to American academics across the board. Massive Iranian war games in Straits of Hormuz, just as Iran threatens the US if it makes any sort of hostile move, while Foreign Min Zarif in JPost said it’d take 24 hours for Iran to get to 20% enrichment of nuclear material for a bomb.”

  • Fat_Man

    And we let these people near our children?

    That is the real scandal.

  • William Ockham

    It is instructive that all of these professors are in non-cognitive departments.

  • CiceroTheLatest

    Anyone surprised by this doesn’t understand the Democrat party or other modern Leftists. This is nothing more than another attack on Western Civilization by a socialist organization taken over in the Gramscian march to hell.

    What IS disturbing is the response: nothing. Internet outrage doesn’t count. Will any of these people face any consequences? Will the universities? Will the ASA?

    This is win for them. They engaged publicly in hate speech and got away with it. And if, by some strange circumstance, this makes it to public examination, be certain they WILL make the controversy about Israeli foreign policy.

  • And the logic for supporting Palestinians and Hamas who oppress women and homosexuals? Anyone?

    • hyphenatedamerican

      Who said these guys cared for women or homosexuals?

  • TommyTwo

    “One has to start somewhere.”

    And those pushy Joooos typically elbowed their way to the front.

    • TommyTwo

      Mea culpa. I misspoke. I meant to say “pushy Zionists.”

  • hyphenatedamerican

    All of these folks are parasites, never had an honest job.

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