Ukraine's Opposition
Advantage: Protesters?
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  • Just a minor point – Uniate Catholic, correct? I don’t know if there have been conflicts between the Uniate Catholics and the Roman Catholics, but that would seem a little odd, as they’re both in full communion with Rome.

  • tarentius

    There are actually three Ukrainian Orthodox Churches and it is not clear just how many Ukrainians are members of each even though they all call themselves Orthodox. The religious situation in the Ukraine is much more complex than the author of this article realizes and it is inaccurate and simplistic to see the religious situation as Russian Orthodox vs. Ukrainian Orthodox.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    As I have said before when this blog was touting that Ukraine had rejected the EU and joined Putin, this isn’t over yet. With a very cold Winter here (Global Warming is BS), a tent city in a square, is going to be a horrific place to make a stand. The Opposition could have chosen a better battlefield, as the Russian winter has proven invincible over the centuries.

  • Jim__L

    I’ve heard from a Ukrainian friend that the protests are limited to Kiev, and that it would be tough to pull the eastern half of the country out of Russia’s orbit because so much of its population lives in Ukraine and commutes to Russia to work.


  • Corlyss

    “Advantage: Protesters?”
    To quote that eminent foreign policy expert, Jerry Glanville: NFL, buddy, which stands for “not for long!” No EU, no NATO, no US to back them up, Putin wins, period.

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