Are MOOCs Teaching the Wrong Things?
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  • Taxpayer1234

    How depressing. Humanities scholars become TAs of auto-professors. I’m sure the pay will be commensurarely tiny. Yippee skippee.

  • Corlyss

    “to involve more humanities”
    Well, given the sorry state of humanities instruction in colleges and the equally horrid state of humanities instructors’ preparation at the hands of Bill Ayers’ ed. school curriculum, that sucks. I think just as in my day, employers want well-rounded individuals who know a good deal about their own culture, a smattering of other cultures, and ability to reason fairly effectively based on evidence, to order priorities, do research, and to problem-solve. I’m not sure any of that was the goal of university instruction in my day, but I graduated with them nevertheless. I don’t get a warm fuzzy that students graduating today graduate with similar attributes.

  • Anthony

    WRM, two observations worthy of consideration:

    “This certainly goes against the prevailing wisdom regarding the importance of science and math….”

    “…no special insight into tomorrow’s labor market.”

  • Dan King

    I’ve been predicting a shrinkage of STEM jobs for a long time now. For example, here:

  • free_agent

    If something can be taught well by a MOOC, its pay rate in the future will be low, because an infinite number of smart English-speakers in India will learn how to do it. But like China and manufacturing, the US, *overall*, will profit by it.

  • Jim__L

    I just don’t buy it. Library employment, up? Are they kidding?

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