What VM Staffers Are Reading This Week
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  • Jack Ayer

    There’s a heavy air of fraud that hangs over Kaputt. Malaparte has a Jayson-Blair-like, a Stephen-Glass-like, knack for being at the right place, the right time, on hand to spot the bizarre or unexpected wrinkle that everyone else seems to have missed. Couple that with an unpleasant obliviousness to the fact that it is a war he (pretends to be) watching, not an entertainment for his delectation and self-promotion.

    • Andrew Allison

      Perhaps the VM staff writers should be introduced to the Great Books. It might eliminate some of the adolescent nonsense which occasionally appears here.

      • Corlyss

        Oh, Andrew!
        Your pithy, pomposity-puncturing posts at your very best! Amen.
        Where can I contribute to the fund to send at least one of the kids to the Great Books program?

  • tarentius

    Uncelebrated and worthy of it.

  • JDogg Snook

    Kaputt comes from Yiddish, not German.

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