Europe Losing the Green Race
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Nothing fails as spectacularly as Government central planning. It should be recognized that America’s greater success has been despite hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on green energy boondoggles like the most recent $139 million of taxpayer money lost on Fisker electric cars. A success which must be entirely credited to the free market oil drillers development of Fracking, and the Government’s inability to stop them from drilling on private lands in some states.

  • Joseph Blieu

    The use of the phrase “dirty burning coal” is used falsely to throw a bone to the greens and make yourself sound like you are on the bus. In modern coal plants particulate and SO3 emissions are tightly controlled and are much smaller than what comes out your or your diesel trucker friend’s stack or tail pipe per MMBTU (or volume or any unit). 19th century London or modern China foolishly did/do not use these controls because they are/were too cheap (or too poor) to pay for them. This says nothing about current US coal power production and its cleanliness. There is no black fog around coal plants.

    CO2 is often identified as a pollutant from coal. Natural earth processes emit 96% of atmospheric CO2 4% is human in origin. 33% of that is from coal. Forest fires emit CO2 equal to 15% of coal generated CO2 but wild fires emit more mercury per year than all coal burning.

    Why not just say that burning coal releases more CO2 per MMBTU than burning a hydrogenated fuel like gas or oil, rather than falsely claiming that it is a dirty dirty fuel. I can make a sooty natural gas flame too if I want, emission controls are needed to make all fuels clean.

    If Dirty Dirty means only that it emits CO2 than say that instead.

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