Ukraine Ditches EU in About-Face
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  • gabrielsyme

    I’d say Hitler had substantially more cards in his hand than Putin.

    But more importantly, this is not the worst thing in the world. A need to keep the Ukraine in the fold should be a moderating influence on some of the Kremlin’s worst instincts. Additionally, the pan-Slavic cultural identity centred in Russia and in Orthodoxy is probably a better path forward than secular, anti-national European identities. The nations of the former Soviet Union ahve huge demographic problems: adopting the attitudes of the Netherlands and Sweden to the family and to faith, without attaining their affluence would be a path to terminal decline.

    That’s still a glass-quarter-full argument, but I submit this isn’t a disaster.

    • S.C. Schwarz

      I agree, in itself this is not a disaster. However, it is one more step in the inexorable decline of the west. It’s not Putin that is the ultimate threat, it’s that we couldn’t even beat a pathetic rival like Russia.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    What agreement? Did Ukraine sign some agreement? Or did they just not sign an agreement with Europe? Is this just a negotiating tactic to get more out of Europe or Russia? Counter offers anyone?

  • Corlyss
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