UN Apparently Thinks Egypt Doesn't Exist
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  • wigwag

    It’s not just Grandi, it’s also Jeffrey Feltman the clueless subordinate of the Secretary General (Feltman is Under Secretary for Political Affairs). Here’s what Feltman had to say,

    “Virtually all construction projects in Gaza, including for the United Nations, have been suspended, putting thousands of people out of work…During the last several years, the United Nations has implemented a growing package of housing, schools and infrastructure projects with stringent control procedures, agreed to with the Government of Israel, to preserve the integrity of each project and avoid misuse of materials.

    “While we recognize Israel’s legitimate security concerns, we are confident that those procedures remain adequate. We therefore call on Israel to urgently reconsider its decision to temporarily halt the import of construction material into Gaza.”

    Feltman doesn’t mention Egypt either and he only indirectly alludes to the fact that Hamas uses concrete to fortify tunnels designed for the capture of Israeli soldiers and the murder of Israeli families.

    What makes Feltman’s comments so despicable is the fact that until several months ago he worked for the U.S. State Department as the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

    Feltman, who speaks Arabic and spent years doing whatever it is that American diplomats do in the Middle East was what passes as pro-Israeli in the Obama Administration (actually he worked for Condoleza Rice too).

    One can’t help but wonder whether our entire diplomatic corps is chock full of nincompoops, fools and stooges.

    • Anthony

      WigWag, a foreshadowing of your position on another AI blog intimated by Robert Merry – in event you have not seen it (nationalinterest.org/commentary/obama-netanyahu-go-war-9420).

      • wigwag

        Anthony, not sure what you are referring to.

        • f1b0nacc1

          That’s OK, neither does he

          • Anthony

            You don’t know me so please direct redolent fact-barren commentary to those of bullying mind.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Lighten up Francis

          • Andrew Allison

            Please gentlemen, let us not let VM descend into a blog bog.

        • Anthony

          I read your post on Adam Garfinkle’s blog and planned to send above heads up until Adam’s reply. So when I read this post, I knew all three topics intertwined and took opportunity to share Merry’s Obama and Netanyahu at war article in National Interest. I trust that clears up my response.

          • wigwag

            Anthony, I read Adam’s response to my comment; it clearly touched a nerve. It’s his blog, and I don’t want to be rude so I don’t see any reason to respond to his criticism on his space though I did think his response to me was overwrought. I doubt that he would publish my response anyway.
            Tom Friedman has commented very generously about Adam’s work so perhaps Adam is especially sensitive to my criticism of Friedman in his comment section. If that’s true, I fully understand it.
            I think that Adam also believes that charges of anti-Semitism are thrown around way too freely and that unless the charge is made appropriately, debate tends to be stifled not enhanced. I actually agree with him about that.
            But I do believe that the quote from Friedman’s column that I provided is, at the very least, insidious if not bigoted.
            Here’s what Friedman said in today’s column,
            “…never have I seen more lawmakers-Democrats and Republicans-more wiling to take Israel’s side against their own president’s. I’m certain this comes less from any careful consideration of the facts and more from a growing tendency by many American lawmakers to do whatever the Israel lobby asks them to do in order to garner Jewish votes and campaign donations.”
            I suggested that this comment, was odious, and was an attempt to popularize the Walt/Mearsheimer argument that Jews control Congress in the pages of America’s paper of record.
            Note that Friedman didn’t even bother to bring up the point that Walter Russell Mead makes endlessly; that American support for Israel has more to do with American Christians than American Jews. It’s the Jews that Friedman accuses of being the puppet masters not the Israel-supporting Christians.
            The suggestion that Jews conspire in a nefarious manner to control governments is a trope as ancient as it is hateful. Friedman’s editors would never permit him to accuse blacks of being lazy or the Irish of being drunks, but publicizing stereotypic comments about Jews seems to be perfectly fine with Tom Friedman and the grand pubahs who control the Editorial Page.
            Then there’s the fact that Friedman’s comment is demonstrably stupid.
            Did Ted Cruz bitterly criticize Obama’s Iran policy because he expects to garner Jewish votes and campaign donations? You can count the number of Texas Jews who voted for Cruz on one hand; I probably spent more buying girl scout cookies this year than Cruz got in donations from wealthy Jews.
            What about Bob Corker of Tennessee who has proven to be an articulate and even tempered opponent of Obama’s Iran policy. Exactly how many Jewish voters does Friedman think there are in Tennessee? Does Friedman really think that Corker’s position is not based on “careful consideration” but on the desire to accrue political donations from Jews?
            In my comment on Adam’s blog I mentioned Lindsay Graham; how many Jewish voters are there in South Carolina? Does Friedman really expect us to believe that Grahams reelection depends on whether he can garner donations from Jews?
            Guess what; Graham can’t; more Jews agree with Obama about Iran than with Graham.
            What about Charles Schumer in New York; Schumer is Jewish himself; how despicable is it for Friedman to suggest that Schumer’s position on Iran isn’t based on “careful consideration” but is instead based on money grubbing?
            There have been several references on Adam’s blog and one at Via Meadia to Adam’s “Tablet” article, which is well worth a read. His premise is that support for Israel amongst Americans is still strong but is likely to fray.
            My point was that when a columnist as famous as Tom Friedman feels free to trade in bigoted tropes in a newspaper as well regarded as the New York Times, it is evidence that Adam is right; support for Israel is fraying; especially on the left.
            Perhaps Adam knows Tom Friedman; I obviously don’t. I don’t know what’s in his heart and I don’t care. I’ve never spent five minutes reflecting on whether Tom Friedman is “self-hating,” “self-loving” or something in between.
            But I can read. When Tom Friedman accuses American Jews of being puppet masters of congressional marionettes; it’s pretty clear what he’s alluding to,
            At least for those who would rather not avert their eyes.

          • Anthony

            I concur and have never been Friedman fan; and your writing and analysis skills can intimidate the agenda driven…

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    The condemnations directed towards Israel, and the complete absence of any directed towards Egypt, reflects the fact that Islamists kill – in most brutal fashions – their detractors, and the Israeli’s don’t.
    If parking scofflaws were executed in NYS, those U.N. Delegations would pay their tickets.

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