Meet the Man Greens Hate More than Climate Change Deniers
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  • Andrew Allison
  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Heretic, he must be excommunicated, and beheaded immediately. Only in this way, can Mother Earth be worshiped the holy way, and the infidels like Lomborg be punished.

  • Bruce

    Many greens are not necessarily green. They are Marxist. They do not respond well to common sense if it interferes with more spending and huge government – whether it’s efficient and useful or not.

  • free_agent

    It is an unfortunate problem that many greens are not actually motivated by improving the environment per se but restoring a hypothesized pre-industrial “natural” state. So they advocate things that *look* like that natural state, rather than things which help the environment most (by being the easiest and most practical to implement).

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