Weakened Obama’s Trade Initiatives In Trouble
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  • Anthony

    Isn’t the TTP akin to NAFTA in that it theoretically enhances free trade among signatory countries? Also, does TPP include only countries sharing Pacific access with about 40% of global economy? And finally, hasn’t TTP negotiations been going on since 2010 with congressional involvement? Maybe agreement just don’t have the votes on its on merits.

  • mgoodfel

    According to TechDirt, the TPP is very bad on IP issues. And I don’t see that changing with this administration or this set of lobbyists. Let it die.


    • Nick Bidler

      seconding; I am willing to support copyright protection as it is now, but no further. I would also be perfectly willing to support accelerated lapses in patents.

  • lukelea

    Why am I getting the impression that Obama is just a caretaker President?

  • Corlyss

    Tha’s Okay. Obama doesn’t believe in global trade anyway. To him its just another form of colonial exploitation. [Geez! Can Doofus get any more 60s?]

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Shades of NAFTA.
    The question now is, does the President have enough political-capital to cram this through as did Bill Clinton with NAFTA? I think not.

  • Matt B

    Ahh, more of the resolute, stick-to-your-guns leadership that we’ve come to expect from Mr. Obama. How’s it working? Here in WA, the state insurance commissioner, of the President’s own party, took all of two hours to reject the idea: http://tinyurl.com/konj4zo

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This is a power grab by the executive branch, they should be forced to make a bunch of small limited trade agreements which congress can vote on individually. In this way trade could be improved incrementally over time, without the blow back from vested interests.

  • catorenasci

    Obama and his administration simply cannot be trusted with the authority to do anything without Congressional approval.

    • xbox361

      I trust the majority of Congress little more than Obozo.

  • xbox361

    He is so dishonest, I hope he fails at everything. Even what seems like it may be best for America probably has some hidden clause that screws the middle class.

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