The Planet Wrecking Greens
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  • gabrielsyme

    The best element of Gordon Brown’s brief premiership was his vocal skepticism of the biofuels madness, both for environmental and for humanitarian reasons. I cannot think of another significant world leader who has lifted a finger to challenge this deadly policy (literally- higher world food prices do increase mortality due to malnutrition).

    • Bruce

      It can also lead to food riots.

      • Kavanna

        Well yeah, riot first, then croak 🙁

    • Kavanna

      I had forgotten about Brown’s lonely opposition to this insanity. I’m not in his camp politically but admire that kind of honesty.

      • gabrielsyme

        Neither am I close to Brown on most issues. But my impression of him was that he was an honest man, genuinely motivated by the common good.

  • free_agent

    You write, “Bills to repeal and reform this mess are slowly working their way their Congress.”

    Maybe. But I grew up in Iowa, and the Iowa caucuses are the first visible step in presidential nomination. I expect the farmers to put up a stiff fight for this boondoggle.

    • Corlyss

      Spot on, Free. Like any bad government policy that gives away money, we’ll likely be in our graves before anything is done to stop the insanity. If the insanity were the result of crappy greens controlling policy, that would be one thing. But this is worse. All the greens on earth could disappear tomorrow (a consummation devoutly to be wished, to quote ol’ Hamlet), and we’d still have this destructive and useless ethanol policy because the farmers in Iowa RULE early presidential primary results.

  • Kavanna

    Much as I like to bash the current Empty-Suit-in-Chief, I was a little peeved reading this, until near the end, the origin of this crazy policy under Bush was mentioned. The first version was actually enacted in 2002, I believe.

    Much as we all like to bash The One here, we must keep in mind that many of these bad trends in the US began a decade or more ago. They’ve just gotten much worse in the last five years.

    • Kavanna

      And … let’s drop the “carbon emission” silliness. Ethanol is bad because it raises the cost of food for everyone, especially the poor, whose budgets are dominated by necessities.

      Conservation land is nice too, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand and anti-humanistic. Environmental “values” are human choices, not commandments of nature, which is indifferent to the fate of its creatures.

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