Google’s New Service Has All the Answers
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  • Anthony

    “There’s value in knowing that the person on the other end of your internet interaction is who they say they are.” Now, that’s an IT sentence/data point to be guided by.

  • Corlyss

    “Helpouts consumers will get access to a much broader pool of competency . . . ”

    Why does VM take that sales pitch at face value?

    You can make dam* sure that if Google does it, it has a marketing function clearly in mind and will stop at nothing to make that marketing scheme work. The ones who will pass as “experts” will be the ones who can wire up first, not necessarily the best or the brightest. For medical care, you want the guy who’s too busy to fool with such trendy distractions as FB and Twitter, not the guy who is the first to spot a business opportunity.

  • Kavanna

    When will WRM schedule his first paid appearance to explain Obama’s imploding foreign policy to the baffled and distress out here? That’s something I’d pay for 🙂

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