Broke California City Basically Held Together with Duct Tape
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  • raybury

    Not sure if this was at Via Meadia or elsewhere, but some have suggested that the ranks of professional firefighters have only swelled over the years, never ebbed to reflect a decrease in the number of serious fires our cities experience thanks to the success of past prevention efforts.

    One-fifth the population may have seen more fires. Of course the best time to trim fire departments – ideally through attrition – is before you have no other choice.

    • maxentropy

      A local (not Fresno) firefighter told me that they roll on every medical call whether it’s an emergency or not so that they can justify their existence and pad their call numbers. (and waste the taxpayer’s fuel)
      With fewer actual fires, fire departments should be getting smaller.

  • Pete

    Except in major cities where there are sky scrapers and such, many, many towns can get buy with basically volunteer fire & EMT personnel instead of the full blown for-pay staff they now have which invariably are overstaffed and over compensated.

    In the good years, many government jobs were created as a make work effort. Any excuse was used to expand the municipal work force, and now that there’s retrenchment, it hurts. .

    • Dustoff

      Unions hate Vol F/F.

      Yes I’m a retired FF and know all to well.

      Dang shame.

  • lukelea
  • ljgude

    There was something hauntingly familiar about what the citizens of Fresno are doing to take up the slack – and there it was -1955. It’s the way we did things back then. It sure was terrible too, let me tell you. Just awful. Unbearable. People taking care of themselves! Fascist. Stupid.

    • Dustoff

      Best thing for them. Maybe if or when they do recover, they will stop electing people who see only spending as a fix for their problems.

  • noprism

    “Let’s hope residents of California’s likewise beleaguered cities of Stockton, San Bernardino and Vallejo are as resourceful in the face of similar cuts to government services.”

    Note to GOP: no bailouts. These cities spent their money like drunken sailors during good times. Citizens of responsible cities shouldn’t have to foot the bill to these irresponsible cities.

    • Dexter Scott

      The GOP will have no say in the outcome. The California Democrats will keep milking the remaining productive citizens in order to pay off the usual politically favored groups, until there are no more productive citizens left.

  • maxentropy

    “These days, an impromptu cast of volunteers fills gaps: City Council members repair streetlights. Mothers patrol neighborhoods with police radios. Church members maintain parks and patch volleyball courts. Neighbors monitor gang activity and track building-code violations.”

    You mean that people are taking care of their own neighborhoods? it’s astonshing that people have found away to get by without a huge nanny government to care for them womb to tomb!

    • Gringao

      No kidding. These days I’d expect instead plangent wails to rise to the heavens how the state and federal governments are abandoning Fresno.

    • Asmund Hairy-Arse

      Here in Central California, we know that that we are the red-headed stepchild. The Bay Area and LA will always take care of themselves first and we will get the leftovers (if anything at all). So out of necessity there has always been a streak of self-reliance. We stopped counting on the politicians in Sacramento a long time ago.

  • John Morris

    With luck, people out there in la-la land will learn an important lesson. They didn’t really need the government doing all that stuff in the first place, that if it is really important they can step up and get it done and if it isn’t perhaps it didn’t need doing.

    Truly dangerous idea ain’t it.

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