US Courts Deliver Verdict on Law Reviews: They’re Useless
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  • ljgude

    yeah, how much did lawyers for the federales and JP Morgan get out of the multi billion ‘settlement’ for selling fraudulent securities. That is where a lot of the money is.

  • RobPG

    Barry Obammy was President of the Harvard Law Review, which means he contributed ZERO content. Otherwise, we would have some of his legal writings to peruse.

    • Doug

      Most members of the Harv. L. Rev. write a law review article during their 2L year. It is usually on the basis of that effort that editors are selected for the following year. Obama is unusual in not having written a student article – and it’s hard to imagine how the outgoing editorial board could have elected him to be the President for the following year when he had not written an article for publication.

  • Fat_Man

    Too many law schools, too many law profs, too many law students, too much tuition.

  • Corlyss

    If you go back over the landmark Law Review articles, i.e., those that have influenced courts to the extent that they created new public policy, you realize they were not only fatuous moralizing lectures from people whose brains had not matured and had no concept of the practical adult world. They were dangerous, because they influenced the most unaccountable branch of government.

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