British Pols Running Back Green Policies
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  • S.C. Schwarz

    Something similar is happening in Australia with the recent defeat of the center-left Liberals. It makes me wonder about perhaps the superiority of parliamentary forms of democracy to our presidential form. They seem to be able to change direction much more nimbly than we can. Here, even if we were to elect a Republican president and a Republican congress tomorrow, it would be almost impossible to undo the various green idiocies Obama is foisting on us. Forty years experience with the USEPA shows that the ratchet turns only one way.

    • Corlyss

      I hear ya, S.C., but keep in mind, they ain’t done it yet.

      They face the same ruthless excommunist street thugs that burrowed into the Green movement as we do, for a lot of the same reasons, i.e., aggressive Green strategies that co-opted major corporations, the educational establishment, the media, scientific institutions, EU regulators, and political parties. Untangling the mess is not just about wallet politics and at this point I don’t see any glimmer of comprehension from the publics of any of these captive nations, including ours.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Corlyss says it well, but let me amplify on an important point. It really doesn’t matter much what your get your legislature to do (especially if it is contested…the biggest factor in the US is that we have such a narrow margin of power for whoever is currently in control that the minority party can effectively stymie them…whether this is good or bad is another matter…) when the bureaucrats (the regulators especially) are so deeply entrenched.
      There is a British comedy series from the 80s called “Yes, Minister” (and a sequel called “Yes, Prime Minister”) that illustrates this problem in a terribly amusing fashion. I strongly recommend it…

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