Far Right Has Strong Showing in Socialist France
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  • wigwag

    Does anyone know whether the European Parliament has any role in approving the person selected to be the The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy?

    Personally I would be happy to see hundreds of aspiring Genghis Khans elected to the European Parliament if it would only mean that the insufferable Right Honourable Baroness Ashton of Upholland would be thrown out of office on her keister.

    Lady Ashton is so incompetent that she makes the clueless American President and his knucklehead of a Secretary of State look good by comparison.

    Elect the far right; elect the far left or anyone in between. Do whatever it takes to remove Ashton from the worlds television sets and newspapers.

    The Queen must have been tipsy the day she decided to make Ashton a peer.

    When it comes to international relations, the Baroness is a walking disaster.

  • Stacy Garvey

    UKIP gets treated very badly by the establishment UK press but isn’t nearly as anti-immigrant as Le Pen. UKIP’s position is that the UK’s immigration policy is awful but is careful to not engage in outright racism.

    • Bruce

      I don’t understand why it’s considered racist to attack a religion that oppresses women. It seems to me they would be fair game.

  • jeburke

    I think it’s wrong — and misleading — to call these more or less nationalist parties “far right.” Where on the spectrum might neo-fascists lie if LePen is “far right?” I don’t pretend to be intimately familiar with French politics but I have the impression that LePen voters are a lot like the voters who held down the conservative end of the Gaullists of the 60s and 70s.

  • Bruce

    They need to find a way to “make it even harder for Brussels to get things done.” The EU is self-serving and the pols have convinced their low information voters that it was formed to “prevent wars.” It was formed to accumulate power, perqs and wealth. When it implodes, it will take the Euro with it and then Greece will have a chance when it goes back to the drachma. Although the politicians fighting the EU are imperfect, this is a fight that needs to occur and maybe the people will turn to those who had the foresight to fight it when the EU crashes. They may turn to dictators instead.

  • lukelea

    Maybe if there were a respectable opponent of immigration. Is that asking too much?

    • Moneyrunner

      Racist! (See how easy that is?)

    • Nate Whilk

      To leftists, “respectable” and “opponent of immigration” are mutually exclusive.

      • xbox361

        exactly the problem, they want to shut down discussion and eliminate debate.

  • LouAnnWatson

    after having seen the impotent socialist government of france deal with the Muslim riots of past years, it’s no surprise that this is turning. the public is realizing they have been sold a diversity bill of goods and have been swindled…they’ll lose their country soon if they do not turn s corner.

  • LouAnnWatson

    far right in europe is moderate compared to our political climate.

    • xbox361

      you are joking, right?
      wanting to balance the budget = fascism?

  • Moneyrunner

    Look, WRM has a reputation to maintain with the PC enforcers, so he has to call people that oppose the European status quo the “far right.” I’m fairly sure he probably believes it; PC attitudes are internalized by most people.

    • xbox361

      and le pen would sue him for it.
      it is a slander to say far right but never far left.
      wanting to maintain national identity as opposed to multicultural suicide?
      ballots are better than bullets.
      respect the voters’ choice over our prejudices.

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