Smart Greens Change Tack on Fracking
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  • Boritz

    Jumbo shrimp and military intelligence can’t be far behind.

    • f1b0nacc1

      The best ballerina in Galveston

  • Corlyss

    In policy circles this is what we call the “fatal embrace.” One should always be concerned when the bitterest enemies of a policy suddenly convert or, as VM calls it, changes its “tack.” More like changes its tactic. The fatal embracers become stakeholders, who ostensibly agree with the overall goal, but delay, obfuscate, and regulate the policy to the point that it is de facto destruction of the policy and the goal. The overall goal is never achieved.

  • Jeff Jones

    These people will not be able to convince the far lefties in the environmental groups. WRM still seems to think it is about the environment with those people. It never was. They hate capitalism and big business.

    If they cared one whit about the environment, they would have cheered the US’ nearly 18% reduction in carbon emissions, largely due to natural gas. Instead, they have left all environmental summits in the last few years all pissed off that they didn’t realize their dream of redistributing our wealth through ridiculous carbon trading scams.

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