7 Is Obamacare’s New Number
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  • lehnne

    It is fantasy to think that the federal government that has compromised the financial system beyond recognition will deliver on its healthcare it they can just get software that works and get people can sign up.

  • wigwag

    Of course most of the state run exchanges are working well. New York had about a day and a half of problems which have since abated.

    The New York system is great. Even better is that premiums for individual policies have plunged while premiums for group policies are increasing at the slowest rate in a decade.

    The only reason that people have to suffer through the complexities of the federal system is because they live in states that refused to set up their own exchanges.

    We live in a democracy; you get the government you deserve. If you live in a state that has stupidly refused to implement its own exchange; look around. It’s you and your fellow citizens getting what you deserve.

    Here in New York, we are grinning ear to eat.

    • mgoodfel

      I think the states were right to refuse. There’s nothing in Obamacare for them. If things go wrong, they will be blamed. If things go right, it’s due to Obama.

      And when the feds start pushing additional mandates and regulations without supplying the money to implement them, it’s the state budgets that take a hit.

      That’s why so many turned down the Medicaid expansion as well. Medicaid is already a huge hole in their budgets, and the expansion would only make it worse.

  • Boritz

    The software, even at inception, is the best thing about ACA.

  • mgoodfel

    I hope they also release the number of people in each type of plan. The California Bronze plans offered to me are nearly worthless. $5000 deductibles. $70 office visit, $300 ER visit, and you need to pay 1/3 of tests. I don’t remember if there’s any drug coverage. And it was still nearly $500 a month without the subsidy.

    That’s not going to look like a good deal to anyone. For someone at the low end of the income scale, that’s health insurance in name only.

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