How Will We Know if Obamacare Succeeds or Fails?
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  • Andrew Allison

    Unnecessary procedures are a very large part of the problem. The fall into two categories, CYA in the part of practitioners in the form of unnecessary testing, and sheer fraud. Might a solution to the former be (shudder) single-payer malpractice insurance, which could level the playing field between practitioners and the Tort Bar. Another deterrent might be to make assess damages for failed claims.

    As to the rest, independent peer-review of non-emergency cases might help. IT should make it possible to identify hospitals and/or practitioners with suspiciously high rates of the commonly abused procedures. When identified, significant monetary damages seem appropriate.

  • Boritz

    *** without innovation there’s no hope for a sustainable solution to the ongoing crisis of exploding health care costs.***

    You will see lots of innovation from now on. Loosely defined.

  • ljgude

    Oh it’s 18 cents now? That sounds illegal because the ACA limits healthcare costs to 17.5% of GDP by 2017. I’m just sitting here laughing my bazooka off watching the world’s most expensive healthcare system systematically snooker itself. Enjoy the show folks.

  • stan

    how to measure Obamacare’s impact? The millions of jobless.

  • f1b0nacc1

    No matter what happens, the administration will declare that it is a smashing success, and their syncophants in the media will sagely agree.

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