Parties Maneuver after German Election
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  • Corlyss

    “Josef Joffe noted that the Green option could become a more attractive alternative if the current far-left party leadership were removed”


    “Things would be so different if they were not as they are . . . ” – Anna Russell, How to Write Your Own Gilbert and Sullivan Opera.

  • Kevin

    A fascinating story. Coalition negotiations always seem so unpredictable with bizarre mixes of policy and personalities scrambling up any neat left-right logic one tries to impose on it. I wonder why the leftist parties don’t form a left wing coalition, maybe it would need to include the Left party and this would be poisonous.

    • Blubb

      This article fails to mention that the Left is the party that built the Berlin wall and shot people.

      The SPD won’t get their fingers dirty this time, but give it two or three years and they will be desperate enough.

  • Blubb

    Joffe is wrong. They lost the votes not because they wanted higher taxes (public servants love higher taxes) but because through a chance protest by a public figure people finally realised that they wish to LEGALIZE SEX WITH CHILDREN OF ANY AGE.

    In this context, it is disgusting to see that they still managed to get 8% of the votes.

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