China Pushing Russia Out of Kazakhstan
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  • lukelea

    I predict China will come to dominate these regions, by military force if necessary. It could happen sooner than we think, as a way to deflect nationalist emotions to these targets of opportunity. More than the South China Sea, this is the likely scene of future Chinese aggression.

    • f1b0nacc1

      China is well aware that aggression in the South Sea may bring them into conflict (directly or indirectly) with the US, and that they cannot afford. Conflict with the Russians, on the other hand, they can easily afford, and might even welcome depending upon what the Soviets used to call ‘the correlation of forces’…
      Couldnt’ happen to a nicer bunch of people….

  • crabtown

    Vlad’s being ringed. We’re not looking so bad now, are we, Vlad?

  • USNK2

    Russia, China, and the ‘Stans’ all belong to Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
    Russia will let China have the oil in an effort to keep China from further de facto re-occupation of Siberia, which Tsarist Russia occupied from a weak China in the 17th century.
    VM needs to add more dots before trying to connect them, especially when the dots are in Central Asia.

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