Israel Relieves Suffering in Gaza, Egypt Intensifies It
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  • USNK2

    Another ViaMeadia post written by an intern.
    Gaza had the choice to become a prosperous state on the Med or to become a launching pad for missiles. Hamas chose missiles.
    Any suffering in Gaza is solely due to the Hamas-controlled government’s preference to engage in terror.
    Egypt’s military buried those tunnels because of weapons smuggling, and Hamas support for terrorists operating in the Sinai, where Egypt has been fighting a real counter-insurgency since clamping down on Hamas’ ally, the Muslim Brotherhood..
    We now know ViaMeadia interns have watched too much BBC for seven years, and not much before that, to explain such a simplistic post.

    • Corlyss

      “Any suffering in Gaza is solely due to the Hamas-controlled government’s preference to engage in terror.”

      Don’t stop there. You know those Hamas thugs are controlled by others, like Iran and Syria. Gaza is almost the poster child for puppet government. I suggest that no Gaza official seriously seeking peace with Israel would have lived out the day he announced such a policy.

    • Golum

      NOT solely due to ham-ass…due to ALL the leaders they have endured from are-a-rat on!!!
      How were they any better???
      None of them cared a whit for their people… only in enriching themselves!!!

      Where did arafat’s fortune disappear too???

  • Pete

    What’s new here?

    Arabs invariably bring suffering not only to the world in general but even to themselves.

  • CygnusA81

    Since this story doesn’t fit the media’s ‘narrative’ regarding the conflict, sadly this won’t make front page news in the Times or rest of the MSM in America, let alone Europe.

  • Corlyss

    “Egypt is destroying the vast majority of Gaza’s smuggling tunnels ”
    Good for them! They don’t want the trouble-makers any more than any other nation does. I was concerned that with the rise of the MB, they would consider it useful to continue doing what the Mubarak regime did, i.e., using the tunnels to supply weapons and rockets to the Gazans to harass Israel.

  • Fat_Man

    I will continue to push my plan for Gaza. Make it a haven for the Copts. Move the Muslims to mainland Egypt, and replace them with Copts who are being persecuted by Muslims in Egypt. The Copts will appreciate Israeli protection.

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