Study Gives Tenured Professors a Failing Grade
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  • rheddles

    “colleges are ultimately set up to serve the interests of their students, not those of its staff”

    Really? Ever been to a faculty senate meeting?

  • James Brown

    “A study of students at Northeastern University found that…”
    Please note that the study and article talk about Northwestern not Northeastern

  • Fat_Man

    One of the authors of the study is Northwestern’s president.

    The next faculty senate meeting should be très intéressant’.

  • Jeff Jones

    Anything that forces universities to do the job parents (and taxpayers) pay them to do, which is to give students the necessary skills to get a job, is music to my ears.

    If 90% of pointy-headed professors and useless administrators find themselves standing in the unemployment line, it’s just collateral damage.

  • Yes, well, that’s an easy position to take if you have tenure.

    This study will likely allow the space-filling mandarins to do even less work (0 – 1 to replace 1-2?) while adjuncts live in poverty doing all the real work. There is no movement towards stabilizing the adjunct workforce, only more and more money wasted as the thingies on top huff the higher education bubble to its end.

    I don’t know any other institution or avocation where such crude exploitation serves such a small and pompous few. Most adjuncts are very lucky to earn $30,000 a year for full-time work with no benefits and, more importantly, no job security. Hardly a healthy industry, let alone a reason to cheer.

    Finding this appealing is grotesque, unless you only value some crude bottom line, in which case, why bother with artsy chatter?

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