Politico Publisher Shakes Up NYC Media Establishment
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  • USNK2

    Memo to Allbritton: Real Estate rules in New York City, yet no one dares to expose the ugly truths.
    How about exploring why New York State only requires disclosure of structural damage for one-four family homes, but not for condos or co-ops?

  • ljgude

    I think it is pretty certain GENERALLY that new media journalism will eventually eclipse Dead Tree journalism. Via Media is a good example – it delivers a steady stream of center right comment which is NY Times class – as much as any one man show with indentured servants – make that interns, could hope to deliver. Back in the 50s and 60s I read the Times like any good son of an FDR Democrat but occasionally read the Herald Tribune which in those days I regarded as a bit stuffy and a bit Republican. But it is also GENERALLY true it is far less likely that a buggy whip operation can morph into a go fast car parts operation because the former requires a paradigm shift, while the latter arises from people directly engaged in the new technology. So whatever the individual fate of Via Meadia it is much more likely that native internet journalism will succeed where traditional institutions like the Times or the WSJ will have to lose more than their print operations to succeed in the new environment. So Allbritton’s applying an Internet business model to the NY market looks a good bet to me.

  • ljgude

    And Kudos to the Interns who choose the pictures. That person is high heels dressed in what looks like a man’s suit turn an ordinary photo that says ‘journalism’ into a gender bending eye catcher with NY savoir fare. Dorothy Day would be amused.

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