China Promises New Aircraft Carriers
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  • lukelea

    For a country with excess capacity in ship building and steel and being pretty much built out in terms of airports, railroads, freeways, etc., building a lot of aircraft carriers would seem an excellent way to soak up all that excess capacity and keep the economy humming.

    I predict China will have as many carriers as we do in ten years or less. They may not be any good compared to ours, but then there is some question whether our carriers would be “any good” in a military showdown with China in China’s backyard. In an age of precision guided missiles they all look like sitting ducks to me. Submarines are where it is at.

    • tarentius

      Submarines cannot guarantee freedom of navigation. You have to have a surface fleet for that. Aircraft carriers aren’t as vulnerable as you make them out to be.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Our shipbuilding sector definitely has the potential to develop and build large carriers because China’s capability in industrial manufacturing is stronger than some nations that have already built their own carriers.”
    Wow! They are really pissed that India is already building it’s own aircraft carriers. I wonder if they realize how important it is to have experienced operators of aircraft carriers to train with and against.

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