Growth Numbers Don’t Dispel EU Ennui, Need for Reform
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  • Pete

    Do you think the Gross Domestic Product numbers for Europe are believable?

    America’s aren’t. Here, our GDP is overstated while our unemployment & inflation numbers are widely known to be are understated.

    But hey, the ruling elite has to do what it has to do to stay on top.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “Greek GDP is on track of lose half its value by the end of the year.”

    This is the only good news, as the Greeks are the only ones being forced to cut Government Spending. Pitiful growth numbers, massive unemployment, tax increases, austerity programs that are nothing of the sort, the Europeans are learning the hard lessons of Big Government. When a parasitic infestation reaches a certain size, it kills its host. According to the Rahn Curve

    a nation’s economic growth is maximized when the burden/spending of Government is between 15%-25% of GDP. European Government Spending has grown so large, growth is nearly impossible.

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